City Permits & Architectural Design

A building permit is your formal permission to begin the construction, demolition, addition, or renovation on your property. As a building owner, you are ultimately responsible for complying with all building requirements. Failure to obtain building permits can result in costly construction delays, legal action and/or demolition of work that has already been completed. Constructing building, constructing additions, adding or removing walls, demolitions or any other major project requires a building permit from the City.

City Permits can come in any of the following forms:

☑️Floor / Roof Plans
☑️HVAC Plans
☑️Site Plan / Survey
☑️Truss Drawings
☑️Structural Plans

We help our clients obtain that City Permit !!!

In our capacity as Architectural Designers, we design projects as buildings, urban landscapes, and parks. Generally, we work independently. However, in some cases, we work as a part of our clients’ team. We work with our clients and deliver in line, with their budget and preferences.

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