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Welcome to our site!

MAS Renovation started in 2005 with Alex working as a handyman. He started taking this trade seriously and took years to learn and specialize in carpentry and started getting private jobs.

It was here when he saw the opportunities where in private owners had a demand of a Handyman who could be helpful with small multiple tasks rather than a single specialized job.

The owners required a single person who could be answerable and responsible for a multiple section of work rather than running to different people for different segments.

As a Handyman, Alex discovered that the home owners didn’t want to waste time, money and labour on multiple sections but require a single trusted person who could fulfil all these needs.

Why Choose Us

MAS Renovation is amongst the best renovators in town. We are a one-stop solution to all your renovation and construction needs.


  • Adding Value to customers
  • Licensed & Insured Technicians
  • Reliable Services
  • Professional Services
  • First Meeting is always Free

How does it work


  • First Meeting is always Free
  • Based on the size and complexity of the project, we might need to engage a structural engineer, interior designer and an architect; their charges are payable by the home owner. However, if the contract is awarded to MAS Renovation, we provide a credit for 50% of these professional Fees in our final invoice.
  • We submit a Proposal (We prepare a package based on your requirements and submit to you for review and approval)
  • We revise design, finishing materials and estimate, if required
  • We sign a contract based on the approved design with an advance payment
  • We start the work
  • We Deliver
  • We Close the Project !!!